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About Us

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Pro-Pad is leading in every application of mats. Established by Geltec Industry Ltd., we manufacture a variety of mats for fitness, workplace, and office. Pro-Pad’s vision is to build a complete product offering in line with ergonomic which can make people comfortable, happier, and healthier to increase well-being and efficiency.

Founded in 1986 and located in Taiwan, Geltec Industry Ltd. focuses on developing high performance soft foam material and is specialized in product customization and OE manufacturing for soft and foam products. We are offering our products and service to worldwide customers and highly praised for our stable supply.

We have committed to improving the environmental sustainability of our work. We are moving toward applying recycled material to product developments and making manufacturing processes eco-friendly. Hoping to raise awareness of environment protection, cherish for the resources, and value the importance of recycled material.