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Ergonomic Products

Design of ergonomic mouse pad is based on comfortable position of the hand and movable range of the mouse pad. For combining of wrist rest, it can balance the pressure between hand and mouse pad through such design. The wrist will experience pressure relief and yet comfy feeling.

Ergonomic products are made with anti-slip backing and classified five series by material:

The patented transparent gel series is coated matt film with special grain for comfort purpose while using. Moreover, micro cloth cover is available for the part of wrist rest. Cool feeling, colorful color, high quality, and beautiful design are the features for transparent gel series.

The most cost-efficient PU Foam Series for ergonomic products provides soft and comfortable feeling while using.

One-piece process for Memory Foam Series is composed with multi-material, textile cloth, memory foam, soft PU foam, and SBR Sharkskin backing. It is one of outstanding

Enable to achieve the overall gel-like feeling and make more cost-efficient, Good Raise develops Memory Gel Foam Series which combined Gel and Memory Foam as inner material to instead of Gel Series. No Patent Infringement /Contradiction.

Typical touch feeling is the main feature for Gel Series Pads, and the wrist rest can reduce pressure of your wrist for exceptional comfort. Gel Series might violate with some patent rights in certain ranges in North American Region.


Custom imprinted logo or symbol is available for ergonomic products.

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