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DIY Printable Products

Do it yourself, Create your own pad

Patented d-print series by Good Raise is a kind of THIN and BLANK pad which can be printed by COMMON INKJET PRINTER directly. The special coating on surface can absorb ink fast and completely, making your exclusive products with your precious photos.

No special ink required. No specific printer machine needed. No software installing demanded. Only few minutes can you enjoy great DIY fun.


Material Introduction

d-Print series is classified by different function for three kinds of products:

d-print Mouse Pad

Creating your own image on your mouse pad with anti-slip CPU backing, it's unique and exclusive.

d-print Mouse Pad

Printing your own photo on d-print laptop computer skin and sticking it on your laptop computer cover. The stickiness is not remained on laptop cover after you peal off the d-print laptop computer skin and change a new one.

Not only a notebook cover, but also a mouse pad. Moreover, memo can be stuck on the back of notebook cover. To create your unique and exclusive notebook, just print it!!

Getting detail of d-print series, please [ Download ] profile for your reference

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