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Conventional Products

Applying different materials with manufacturing processes for the conventional mouse pad, Good Raise provides different features and appearances on mouse pads whether it is using for mechanical or optical mouse. Meanwhile, Good Raise could provide the choice of material upon price required.

Conventional Products are classified by different features into different pads.

Four selections for bottom layer (backing) material:

"Krystal Pad" is a special slim pad which has special spot backing design for non-slip. It is one of favorite products to our customers due to the crystal effect as well as the modern see-thro look, excellent quality, and max. mouse moving area.
Custom imprinted logo or symbol is available.


Plain Pads with Micro Cloth or Vinyl Sheet will be used as the surface of the mouse pad with color selection and anti-slip backing will be combined as the bottom (backing) material.

Custom imprinted logo or symbol is available.

Using dye Sublimation process can perfectly transfer picture to the fabric surface of the mouse pads without color fading easily. Two selections for fabric surface:

Custom graphic design on surface is available.

Using 4 color off-set printing can perfectly show the picture on the surface of the mouse pad as needed no matter it is a picture of portrait, landscape, or any graphic.

Custom graphic design on surface is available.

Photo Frame Pad has its name perform like photo frame. Picture can be inserted into the Pad for adorning. It is a good choice for gifting. Custom design for frame is available.

The Memo Pad functions both as a mouse pad and a memo organizer.

Heat-Sealing Pad is combined two heat-shaping materials by Heat-Sealing process to achieve practical and stylish mouse pad. Custom graphic design on surface is available.

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