Kneeling Pad
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industrial kneeling pad

kneeling pad

Anti-Fatigue Kneeling Pad

The Anti-Fatigue Kneeling Pad offers extreme comfort while standing in the workplace and protection while kneeing on a hard surface, which is a great solution for reducing knee pain and lower back stress. This anti fatigue kneeling mat for work is engineered with beveled edge, which can help prevent tripping hazards and comes with warning stripes for increased security. The built- in handle make it portable and easy to carry.
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- Conform to any surface
- Black/ Safety Yellow Warning Stripes
- Resistant to oil, chemical, and grease
- Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Microbial
- Fire Resistant
Material: Complex NBR Foam
Size: 16”x28”; 18”x36”
Thickness: 1”
Customized available