Kneeling Pad
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anti fatigue kneeling mat with storage

kneeling pad

Anti-Fatigue Kneeling Mat with Storage

This Anti-Fatigue Kneeling Mat with storage offers extreme comfort while standing in the workplace and protection while kneeing on a hard surface, which is a great solution for reducing knee pain and lower back stress. The beveled edge can help prevent tripping hazards and comes with warning stripes for increased security. The built-in groove area on the mat can store bolts, nuts, and accessories. The handle make the kneeling pad portable and easy to carry.
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- Conform to any surface
- Black/ Safety Yellow Warning Stripes
- Storage Space for storing spare parts
- Resistant to oil, chemical, and grease
- Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Microbial
- Fire Resistant
Material: Complex NBR Foam
Size: 16”x28”; 18”x36”
Thickness: 1”
Customized available