Exercise Mat
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multi purpose workout mat

exercise mat

Functional Mat - Charcoal Black

Functional Mat is a premium all-purpose workout mat for every type of exercise. This workout mat is made of exclusive foam material, which exhibited a gradual change in hardness from a dense bottom to a soft top. The unique material structure plus the selected 12.5mm thickness makes a perfect balance of solid support and comfortable feeling during exercise. Excellent for pressure release and impact absorption, which will protect your joints such as knees and elbows effectively. As for hygiene, the anti-bacterial property of the foam material will help to inhibit the growth of bacteria permanently. Moreover, its closed-cell structure makes it easy to clean and maintain.
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- Selected 12.5mm thickness
- Optimum comfy cushioning
- Grippy surface with anti-slip texture
- Permanent anti-bacterial property
- Easy to clean
Material: Rubberized Gel Foam
Size: 24”x71”x1/2” (600x1800x12.5mm)
Customized available